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ShangHai Dingjiang packaging machinery manufacturing co., LTD

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Factory Address: Qingpu District, Shanghai, Ching Chung Road 3858 11

The whole structure, reasonable layout, the replacement of packaging varieties, clean up very easy

Color touch-screen interface, simple and intuitive operation

PLC job stability, anti-jamming, high weighing accuracy and speed

High precision positioning accuracy, torque, long life, the speed can be set

There prop tank, vibration, dust extraction

Our company is specialized in the development, production and sales of modern high-tech enterprises.

With“Authoritative”Corporate reputation for our customers, Ding Jiang companies in the industry has won a good reputation.

Specializes in packaging machinery research, its semi-automatic filling and packaging technology packaging domestic champion.

All products in accordance with national“GMP”Manufacturing standards, improve the processing system.

Development and manufacturing of a number of series, dozens of varieties of packaging machinery and ancillary equipment.

Has accumulated a wealth of expertise and practical experience, a distinctive powder materials, packaging systems engineering theory and insightful solutions.

The establishment of sound modern enterprise marketing system, improve the pre-sale, service policy system.

Humanistic management, quality service, quality win the trust, leading technology.

In one fell swoop for the packaging industry into a new force for the development of the era of the industry and make contributions.

About Ding Jiang

  ShangHai Dingjiang packaging machinery manufacturing co., LTD is located in jiading district Baoqian road, is engaged in the development, production and sales of modern high-tech enterprises, specializing in packaging machinery research, semi-automatic packaging filling packaging technology leads domestic.All the products are made in accordance with the national "GMP" standards.Advanced design concepts and professional technology have been ding jiang the distinctive features of the enterprise, complete processing system, rigorous and thoughtful after-sales service management, ding jiang in "word" corporate reputation for the general customers, ding jiang enterprise in the industry has won a good reputation.

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ShangHai Dingjiang packaging machinery manufacturing co., LTD

address:Shanghai jiading district Baoqian road, lane 5000, 379

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Miss zhang:13764550916

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